Jan 16 2019


7:30 pm - 10:30 pm

Afropean Short Film Evening: #2nd edition

Recognition is dedicating an evening to young Afro-European film talent. The program will feature five short films by young Afropean filmmakers from Belgium. This evening is in partnership with Afrika FilmFestival – Leuven (AFF), Muntpunt and Africalia.


⇶ EUphoria
Produced by: Black Speak Back
Co-directed by Robert-Jonathan Koeyers and Wanlov the Kubolor
Language: ENG, FR, NL, Romania, Twi & Pidgin
A mysterious force field appears around the African continent, cutting Europe off from the natural resources and cheap labour it needs to remain prosperous. Meanwhile, the ongoing process of extreme climate change plunges Europe into a new ice age. This afrofuturist musical follows five individual stories of African descendants who are trying to survive on a breakneck ride to the end of Europe as we know it.

⇶ Life of Esteban
Directed by: Inès Eshun
Language: NL (with ENG subs)
Esteban, a future Olympic swimmer, has grown up with a single mother and doesn’t know who his father is. As he searches for his identity in this poetic short film, he determines that swimming is a metaphor for life itself.

⇶ Ata Ndele
Directed by: Malkia See B
Language: FR (with NL subs)
Love, friendship, politics; Nila wants them all. But the space she gives to a new acquaintance will force her, sooner or later, to reassess her life.

⇶ A Child Like Innocence
Directed by: Eloi Nsanzabandi
Language: FR, NL & ENG
A Child Like Innocence” is a visual poem centered around the themes of Black love, pain and forgiveness. Through the lens of Innocent, a young Black male, a story of redemption unfolds between his brother, his girlfriend and himself.

⇶La Mazda Jaune et sa Sainteté
Directed by: Sandra Heremans
Language: FR (ENG subs)
A conceptual experiment on what it means to start a film with a black image, develops into a subtle personal essay about the filmmaker. The story of a missionary falling in love with a Rwandese girl, blends with what images and colonial history mean to their daughter.

This evening is part of the ‘Decolonize is a verb’ project in Muntpunt.
An external committee of curators is putting words into action by taking up a new approach to the collection and program in collaboration with Muntpunt. Discover their selection of titles or meet them during one of the activities. More information >

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