Feb 18 2017


11:00 am - 3:00 pm

Get Hired! Workshop

Do you like your job, but want to love it?
Do you want to make your mark in the office and climb the corporate ladder?
Or perhaps you want to make the leap from a corporate job to a creative career?In this interactive half-day workshop, come and learn how to design a career you love using the skills you have and the tools you can acquire.
Topics covered include knowing your worth, negotiating your way to a better role or more pay, transitioning to a creative career, and going freelance.
Workshop will be lead by Sylvia Arthur.
Sylvia Arthur is a writer whose work explores themes of identity, diaspora, and place. After graduating with a Postgraduate Diploma in Journalism from the University of Westminster, she worked as a runner for Sky News before becoming a reporter at News Africa magazine. She freelanced for The Guardian, the BBC, and the British Journalism Review and worked as a senior researcher/assistant producer for the BBC, ITV, and Sky.

In 2010, she relocated from London to Brussels where she was a communications consultant to the European Commission for four years. During that time, she travelled across Europe advising government departments and agencies involved in employment and job creation on communicating the benefits of Free Movement to their citizens. She returned to London in 2013 but continued working for Brussels, becoming a digital nomad, living in/working from countries including Spain, Canada, the USA, and Ghana. She holds an MA in Narrative Non-Fiction Writing and is currently working on her first narrative nonfiction book.

Workshop is free but registration is a must! Only 15 places available

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