Queer Brown Series


Oct 19 2017


7:00 pm - 11:00 pm

Recognition Screening: Queer Brown Series

You know that wonderful feeling when you curl up with your boo or alone in front of the tv to watch your fave serie? this is exactly the feeling we want to create at Le space in the company of community.

Recognition, in collaboration with, Le Space, Warrior Poets and Rainbowhouse, invites you to a night of queer, intersectional series. 2 series and 1 episode that tell stories of young women of colour coming of age. This evening is a continuation of Beyond The Binary event.

There will be soul food all night provided by the very talented Paci Ira for Pacifique Cooking: feed your body, mind and soul and music by Wild Combinations.

Special thank you to Open TV – beta

Entrance: 5€ (cash)
Flyer designed by Aurelia Virgone
P.s this is a Safe Space! check yourself!