Illusions - Julie Dash


Feb 22 2018


7:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Screening Illusions – Julie Dash

In her 1982 short film Illusions, pioneering filmmaker Julie Dash fixed her penetrating gaze on the erasure of African-Americans in 1940s Hollywood. Decades later, what, if anything, has changed? Dash is best known for becoming the first black woman to secure a general cinema release with Daughters of the Dust, a seminal film about three generations of a Gullah matriarchy in South Carolina at the turn of the 20th century. It later inspired Beyoncé’s acclaimed 2016 visual album Lemonade, but in the 27 years since it premiered, only a handful of black women have managed to walk through the door that Dash so memorably kicked down.

Here, the director, screenwriter, producer and academic talks to journalist Tamara Gausi about the enduring legacy of her films, the importance of centering black women on screen and the stories that Dash is yet to tell.

RDV at Le Space after screening.

Partners: BOZAR Cinema Galeries Afropolitan Festival 2018 – Black Artlantic US Embassy

Price: 5 Euros
Language: English