Re-imagining Worlds

Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality family workshop

The Reimagining Worlds project is a series of workshops that allow youngsters to experiment with visual storytelling through VR/AR technology. We want to teach youngsters how to model their own digital 3D environment using basic coding skills. This digital toolbox will enable them to create digital realms from scratch and imagine anything beyond the limitations of their own realities. We want to use futuristic examples of science fiction comics genre to make them think outside of the box and actively shape their own immersive world. This way the virtual reality experience becomes a limitless terrain to subvert dominant power structures and offers an innovative platform to imagine better futures. 

REIMAGINING Worlds is a programme initiated and curated by Recognition in collaboration with Muntpunt. ​​​​​​​It is part of the FORUM Programme collaboration between AfricaMuseum and BOZAR, funded by the Belgian Development Cooperation.

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past events

October 2019
February 2019
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